6 Fatal Errors To Avoid When Hiring a Plumber

Published in Plumbing on 20th November 2015


Error #1 –Choose a plumber based on prices only

You have heard the phrase, you get what you pay for. When deciding on a plumber, look for an overall value not just the lowest price. Features like on time arrival, licensed, lifetime workmanship warranty, recent client referrals, cleanliness and presentation, fully equipped with the required tools and fittings should be taken into account along with the prices.

Error #2 – Not asking or verifying plumber’s license

Most of the time people don’t even bother to ask if the plumber is licensed or not. On very few occasions when they do ask, they don’t ask for the license number or details. Always ask for their license number and check if it is valid. You can easily verify it online. Google check plumber Sydney license online.

Error #3 – Thinking hourly rates are cheaper than fixed prices

A lot of times people think that paying hourly rates would be cheaper especially if they have small plumbing job to be taken care of. With hourly rates, you never have control over your budget. More often than not, plumbers try to extend their hours to make more money. Always get a fixed upfront price even for minor plumbing issues and jobs.

Error #4 – Not considering plumbers who charge a call-out fee

Professional plumbers charge a call-out fee for the time it takes for them to travel to the property, survey it and put together a quote. It’s only understandable that they have a call-out fee. What’s not acceptable though if try to make money through call-out fee. Most of the time they even waive or include the call-out fee in the price if the customer decides to go ahead.

Error #5 – Not asking for a detailed quote

If a plumber tells you that it will charge an X amount of money, you should ask for more details. Does the cost include materials? If yes, what brands? Always request for cost break down.

Error #6 – Not asking for references

This is the quickest way to narrow down your shortlisted plumbers. Move away from plumbers who are reluctant to provide references with contact details of their recent customers. Once you have the references, don’t hesitate to ring people and ask them whether they were happy with the overall experience and would they recommend the plumber.

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