Celebrities Who Benefited From Paternity Testing

Published in Parenting on 25th July 2015

If you’re a famous celebrity and produce millions, odds are, some opportunistic women will grab your attention and also at the next time, goes public and declare that you bore a young child together with her. This is exactly what became of several famous male celebs who have been charged with fathering a young child. The situation visited court and with the aid of testing, negative result was announced. You can easily think of the relief of those male celebs learning that they are not the daddy from the child these were having to claim.

1. Keanu Reeves – He’s popular in films such as the Matrix series, Speed, and Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. He was charged with not just fathering a young child but four children. No surprise he am enthusiastic about moving his situation to the court and under your own accord be exposed to testing. The decision ended up being to his favor and also the court purchased the female accuser pay him $15,000 for legal costs.

2. Yves Montand – Paternity cases could move ahead even when the supposed father is dead. It became of this famous French singer and actor. He refused fatherhood and objected the paternity situation lodged through the lady. After his dying, a legal court purchased exhumation of his body test of paternity and discovered he was indeed not the daddy.

3. Juan Peron – Even when the individual is dead for 15 years, DNA samples can nonetheless be taken. Maria Holgado anxiously waited that lengthy prior to being finally revealed that Juan Peron wasn’t the daddy of her child.

4. Chris Rock – A well known comedian who had been also saved from having to pay hospitalization bills to some child which was not his. Mom only was adamant due to an apparent reason.

5. Bill Cosby – He was saved from extortion from the custody of the children complaint filed by his alleged daughter. He accepted the affair together with her mother and offered testing. But his alleged daughter never posted her very own samples thus, she was sentenced to extortion cases.

6. Mike Tyson – He, from the famous ear biting incident, so famous that even just in the twilight of his career, he was smacked having a $12 million paternity suit. Because of paradise, he still reached keep his winnings because the test demonstrated he wasn’t the daddy from the supposed child.

7. Mark Anthony – He is a well-liked Latin singer and throughout his final marital days with former Miss World from Puerto Rico, he was smacked having a paternity suit. It required several testing before he was declared not the daddy from the child. Yes, sometimes one tests are insufficient.

Indeed, existence is really so cruel if you’re famous. You may be charged with stuff that you didn’t do and aren’t able to do, for example fathering a young child. It is extremely sad that testing can be used to take advantage of and extort people. Sad since you cannot evaluate and qualify the negative effect on the kid learning that she or he does not possess a father following the test continues to be completed. Here is the best place to get a Paternity Testing in New York.