Changing Your IP Address

Published in Safety on 23rd May 2016

What´s My IP

For one reason or another, internet users might choose to hide or change their IP address. But what is Your IP and what does it do? Your IP address is a set of numbers that represents your computer’s personal identification and location on the World Wide Web. IP addresses give websites the correct direction of where requested information should be sent. Each number is unique and is assigned by your ISP (Internet Service Provider). Some people will request a new IP address or change their IP address in order to remove browsing restrictions or to browse in a safer mode. Restrictions will vary, from location barriers, to having limitations on the number of downloads allowed for a specific period, among others.


Removing/Bypassing Browsing Restrictions


Browsing and downloading will have certain restrictions which can sometimes only be overcome by having the IP address changed or hidden. As an example, you might want to download a certain amount of information or a number of files from a website but is being restricted as they might have a limit to download on a daily basis. They will then restrict you based on your IP, making it impossible to download additional files you might need. There are plug-ins available to temporarily hide your IP so that you can browse or download more confidently but having a reliable service from companies such as is by far more practical, especially if you are looking for a long term option. These options involve setting up a virtual private network.


For tasks that involve a regional block, changing the IP address based on your ISP will not suffice as you will need a temporary IP based on the location of the content you are trying to access. There are ways to access this type of service, such using the services offered by, a top VPN provider. They offer a lineup of the different vpn services you can take advantage of when it comes to managing your internet activity.


Changing the IP Address on Your Router, allows users a range of options to browse the internet without having to worry about their IP address, or if their identity is being compromised. If you are worried about the safety of your downloaded content, being tracked based on your online activities and other related issues, gives you ¨safe¨ options. You get to enjoy high performance for faster downloads, done anonymously with privacy options no matter the device you are using; mobile options allows you to use the services while on the go.




If you have ever asked, ¨how do hide my ip?” you will also want to know more about the services offered by Your IP address plays a vital role in how you connect to the internet and how your own personal network operates. Using a the best VPN service provider makes it much easier to manage your browsing activities without having the need to worry about your public or private IP addresses.

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