Create a Subfolder in HostGator

Published in General on 14th November 2014

There is just a subfolder a file of a particular site. For instance, when you have a HostGator site, you are able to create subfolders for images or articles. It is simple to produce a subfolder in HostGator through even the control panel or the cPanel. You can make as numerous subfolders while you want, based upon exactly what the need is for the website.

The First Step:

Use your domainname to sign into HostGator cPanel if your site has already been aiming to HostGator. Sort your HostGator account link into your internet browser’s address bar accompanied by /cpanel. For instance, “internet(dot)yourdomainname(dot)com/cpanel”, or type: “cpanel(dot)yourdomainname(dot)com”. For instance, “”.

Second Step:

Type in your HostGator password. You addon, and do not possess a distinct cPanel login when you have individual sub-domains, left.

Third Step:

Contact HostGator by telephone, mail if you will no longer have these details, or livechat for assistance.

Fourth Step:

Press the File Manager icon about the cPanel main display, and choose the choice to open “web root.” Check the Show Hidden Records checkbox to permit documents and all files to become visible.

Step Five:

Press the Newest Folder button at the very top of the site. Title the folder one’s subfolder, and click Create New Folder’s title. The subfolder is created on HostGator.

Since you realize how to produce a subfolder on HostGator, you should use your newly acquired information to modify and develop your site precisely the way you prefer it. Subfolders could be particularly helpful for making sure and redirecting internet links that your site stays organized. They could even be applied to produce off-shoots of one’s primary site, making small sites that link for the primary keywords which you are actually dealing with. Get hostgator coupons.