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Published in Finance on 12th July 2017

Agents within the financial services sector play a vital role in sustaining the company. Financial services encompass broad sub verticals like – banking, insurance, and investment funds companies where their crucial role like building relationships and becoming business volumes can’t be undervalued.

Personalized sales would be the approach set by agents and brokers for many years. They carry enough detailed information online on products, markets, and costs. But following the IoT, big data and analytics found the middle stage, it grew to become imperative for agents and brokers to remain relevant. The mobile customers based on mobile workforce of companies are posing existential threats to agents and brokers. Many may question – is that this the finish from the road for brokers and agents?

Financial services honchos may consider eliminating the function of agents attracting new prospects with reduced premium or discounts. Hold on a little more if the execution order because they possess the firepower still. It’s into el born area focused study is needed.

Can Agents Stay Relevant?

The question before us is, are agents and brokers relevant? To begin with they’ve well established relationship with a lot of accounts whom they assiduously nurtured. Today, the brokers are mobile and be aware of IT tools to nurture their audience. With the aid of IT apps on their own mobile they’re going for client acquisition faster. Within this process, they:

• Contact their prospects and educate them concerning the products.

• Provide valuable bits of suggestions about most achievable product on their behalf.

• Assess the performance of securities.

• Build relationship after gaining an awareness on every facet of customer relationships.

We’re visiting the key aspect. Today technology obsolescence is making the function of agents irrelevant. To some degree it is a fact when the mobile customers create a total shift from agents and also have direct interaction with the organization. But now you ask , how achievable is the fact that idea. Everyone knows within our busy schedules, giving priority whether it is having to pay premium or buying stocks might not be attractive to with a couple of exceptions. The explanation for this really is individuals are not too self motivated and agents walk into this gap using their relationship nurturing skills.

In areas like spending cash individuals are little frightening in addition to slow decision makers. This can’t be construed as weakness but and it’s also knowledge as sensible ones do large amount of research and thinking before they make the leap. Exactly what does this suggest for that financial services sector? Financial sector services might be passionate about this tools which will help the shoppers to consider informed decisions. But what’s the exact scenario? Individuals will do all research using the tools on mobile however, many is going to be unlikely to accept final purchase decision because there’s an excuse for an origin person to provide relevant and contextual info on services and products. This ought to be adopted by the opportunity to close the offer when the curiosity level is elevated towards the greatest. Who are able to replace agents or brokers who was simply carrying this out for many years?

So, the readers may have understood the need for agents in clinching the offer. Getting business isn’t an ordinary deal. It takes lots of effort, constant follow-up on clients to reach a choice. Just SMS alerts will not have the desired effect. Getting stated this, let’s consider the way the agents may be used creatively with technology within this era of technology disruption. We should also consider how agents could be empowered with technology and just how.

Agents Could Be on Survival Mode by using it Tools

To outlive in the current volatile markets, what’s most needed is actionable information. Agents who’re working overtime in building relationships and shutting deals certainly require latest IT tools, to be precise BI, big data and analytics tools to consider key decisions. Within the situation of insurance, BI tools might help the agents and brokers to derive key insights on customers and understand their inclination to provide customized products or solutions. BI dashboards will assist them to handle relationships effectively. Same with the situation with banking and investment companies who hire organizations for business development.

Use of analytics is available in different areas like content analytics, context analytics and business analytics. In content analytics unstructured data like answering services company logs, sensor data, audio, video data could be examined to trace trends, customer responses, etc. In context analytics information is examined to know the context that is fundamental to take context based decisions. Running a business analytics patterns, behaviors or trends are discovered through record analysis. Finally is predictive analytics where use of techniques like record analysis, regression analysis, correlation analysis, cluster analysis, social networking analytics etc., are requested cool product development.

Agents are catalysts in information gathering because they move with individuals and trigger discussions on services and products. Due to this more powerful reason, one cannot conclude that agents are enroute in the disruptive technology era. But simultaneously agents must take option into it for his or her survival along with the survival of monetary services companies. Let time tell the remainder.

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