Google Ranking Factors 2015

Published in SEO on 23rd August 2015

an analysis of searchmetrics’ study by Kristof Maret, SEO Montreal.

In line with the latest survey of Searchmetrics, the various Google information tend to be sophisticated than in the past. Within the fourth annual survey of ranking factors with the formula in the world’s leading internet internet search engine, was examined the final results in the top 30 reference demands per 10 000 keywords and phrases including 300,000 sites. According to Marcus Tober, founding father of Searchmetrics, the final results only browse the trends introduced forever of year. “We must make an effort to know the intentions of clients making a geniune, relevant and various content it’s more valuable than in the past …… It is also apparent that the value of back-links still weaken. (Mr. Tober)” Afterwards, the proportion of request search from “mobile items” continuously grow, and will also be interesting to look for the results this could dress yourself in rankings.

A couple of from the factors are perceived very positively by looking in the sights of positioning: including ·         Ergonomics “mobile” sites·         social signals for instance tweets, G   as well as the “I like” from Facebook (although Google declines it)·         The rear links, whose energy will decrease, certainly. About netlinking I mention immediately the research finds the strength of the plethora of anchors and the value of the amount of nofollow BL.

The study focuses on three primary parameters:

Essential technical factors for your Google positioning.

Compared to a year ago, the specific domain title searches volume elevated. Marks are often better ranked relating to this research because of their natural visibility, but more oddly enough, we realize that brand queries, without or with a lot more keywords and phrases, in a roundabout way influence the final results of unbranded research.

Other positive factors for your visibility from the website

The study highlights the factors that “I have carried out” forever.·         how often of Head lines, (furthermore to H1 and meta description)·         short rewritten URL (they’d cost thousands of keywords and phrases!)·         as well as the display speed in the site clearly communicated by Google. Finally, it’s determined the HTTPS file file encryption (the first time considered in this particular study) comes with an positive impact on the region in the sites inside the SERP, just for websites that process sensitive data (transactions, payment, passwords, etc)…

The “Domaine Names keywords and phrasesInch aren’t any more the primary advantage for positioning simply because they used to be formerly. If in 2014, only 9% in the top 30 URL incorporated a keyword inside their domain title, this figure fell to 6 % this year.Finally, which is no surprise, the proportion of Costly sites is substantially reduced the initial three pages in the SERP both on desktop computer systems and also on mobile.

Factors connected with buyer experience

The architecture and structure are very important, for crawlability bots for Google too for buyer experience.

The ergonomic and internal links from the site are crucial inside the rankings since they are connected with: ·         the bounce rate,·         time spent on the web portal. We presently understand that onpage quality work can transform everything. A year ago, there has been 131 internal links inside the top rankings, this year, the figure increases to 150. This is especially true for your optimisation of products for instance responsive design, font size, as well as the interactive elements (buttons, links, forms). Bulleted lists also appear to become validating factors they are contained in half of the extremely best 2 sites and yet another 40 % inside the top 30.


Yet although everyone knows that the quantity of images aids in performance ranking, the quantity of sites showing videos fell in 2014. Searchmetrics also determined that many advertisements hurt the ranking.

Factors connected using the information.

The data in the pages classified top 30 deepened. The normal volume of words found in the most effective 10 pages is 1285 (25 % more than a year ago). The data may also be less complex plus much more holistic. Progressively more sites base their texts on lexical area using specific and relevant terms. The strict concept of keywords and phrases is promoting greatly, similar to the technical side of internet sites. Searchmetrics learned that the proportion of pages trying to position getting a rigid keyword by putting it in the lumbering way fell, mainly in the 5 top. However, the inside links anchor keeps its importance inside your Website. browse the initial article in French :  The whole study accessible here (  great infographics unveils its important parts.