IT Staffing Agencies & Companies: The Top 10 IT Jobs in USA

Published in IT on 7th January 2016

Whichever direction the U.S economy has taken in the last few years, there is an increasing demand for jobs in the field of computer science. The U.S Department of Labor predicted that from 2010 to 2020 there will a 19% increase in employment for IT positions and other related jobs. Even the top IT staffing agency in San Diego reports problems filling certain IT positions.

Here are the top ten IT position to look out for in Information Technology:

Project Manager

The project manager is in charge of organizing a business plan using a high level of analysis for assurance of a successful execution of all aspects of the project. It is essential for the project manager to coordinate this plan with team members, third-party contractors, and consultants. Also, acquiring all the right resources to better orchestrate such business plans is an extremely important skill for a good project manager to have.

Software Engineer

A software engineer works hand in hand with the programmer, they take the codes that they create and make the last step of creating great designs for them. This job requires the person to be attentive of the details that involved in testing, maintenance, design, evaluation, and development of the creation of the coding system that is provided by the programmer.

Java Developer

A Java Developer overlooks the programmer and software tester to confirm that the development process is right on track. They are involved in creating the actual software, and develop all of the java language that comes with it.

Software Developer

This job has an important role in testing and maintaining the software development process in addition to having the support of strong research and additional evaluations. A person in this position commonly has the ability to think outside the box, since they are the ones who are developing innovative ideas for designing a great app, for example. Apart from the creative side, a software developer still must be able to do more technical tasks such as checking for bugs in software.

Network Administrator

Because computer network plays such an important role in an organization, a network administrator is a valuable and vital asset to any business. A network administrator is mostly responsible for daily oversight and responsibilities that are involved in these networks.

SQL Administrator

A SQL Administrator plays a critical role in database development in terms of coding and design. A person working this position must have a troubleshooting mindset and be up to date with any new technological advances with database development.

.NET Developer

The details matter for .NET Developers, such as being proficient in HTML, CSS, Javascript, Java, ASP.Net, among many others. The .NET developer is responsible for providing quality coding. A .NET developer is also part of the collaboration that is involved in the application development, and will bring innovative solutions.

Systems Administrator

A system administrator’s main job is working within a given budget while ensuring security, performance, upkeep and resources of computers. They compliment the team by being reliable and responsible for any technical support that is needed for projects.

Systems Engineer

The main job of a systems engineer is to be part of the developing, testing and evaluating of software. A systems engineer uses their expertise in engineering, mathematical analysis, and computer sciences altogether to really understand technology and how it works.

Business Analyst

A business analyst has the business model in perspective always, but knows how this plays hand in hand with the integration of technology. A business analyst specifically focuses on the business domain in relation to the operations and processes that are in place for an organization to achieve its goals.