JustFab and a Look at Big Brands and Social Media

Published in Fashion on 19th May 2015

These days all major online retailers have a strong presence on social media. It presents a unique opportunity to improve brand awareness and aquire customers at the same time. Because so many brands are vying for followers and likes, they pull out all the stops when it comes to being the best. I wanted to take a look at an online women’s shoes and clothing company called JustFab in particular who have a great social media presence. The reason I wanted to point out JustFab is because of their huge growth over the last couple of years. They’ve went from an unknown to a household name very quickly, and I have to think that social media is a huge reason why.

Their Facebook page is up to close to 5 million fans which is quite astonishing. But what I love about what they are doing on Facebook most of all doesn’t actually rest within their page itself or the posts they make… It actually starts with their advertising. I see their paid wall posts on almost a daily basis and their advertisements are very unique and clever to say the least. By promoting a funny or clever ad, they actually have Facebook users engaging with the ad itself and liking and commenting on it. Some ads have tens of thousands of comments and have generated similar numbers in new followers. While you would likely need a pretty big budget to get the reach JustFab is getting, it is worth noting that this is an extra added benefit of Facebook advertising. Not only do you get new customers, but it also helps get you new fans on Facebook.

The second aspect of JustFab’s social media presense that really jumped out at me was their Pinterest page which is quite impressive as well. While you are kind of limited to what you can do on Pinterest, I have to say that they make the most of it. Pinterest is obviously better suited to fashion companies such as JustFab as they can post looks featuring their clothing, shoes or other products. But any retailer can also post fun contests and things of this nature that help them engage with their fans. Another thing I like about JustFab is how they not only post about shoes and fashion, but every day topics such as home decor and parenting. They also have some random boards with fun sayings and uplifting photos. So it’s not always about being on brand all the time, but about having fun with your customers and engaging with them.