Latest Resume format: a guide to impress your recruiters

Published in Writing on 26th October 2015

Your resume is your first identity. As a person grows, the lifestyle and daily necessities changes, same the pattern of a resume format changes. With an outdated resume, no one entertains you in the corporate world. An outdated resume tells about your characters as lazy, inactive and not a learner. Recruiters always want to see the latest resume format as it tells about your adaptability of new things, your eagerness to learn and your active and energetic life. Your resume must convey your personality and your traits positively.

Whenever you try to update your resume, always look for the latest resume format. Your resume must speak to the recruiter the year 2015-2016 and not the year 2000. Here are some basic tips regarding the latest resume format.

  • Make your resume in either .docx file or in .pdf format. Nowadays, a video resume is also very popular. You can create your video resume with the help of a video camera and send that to the recruiters.
  • Many times some ATS do not pass .pdf format, so .docx format is the safest and easiest method.
  • You may ask the recruiters to specify the file type that is suitable to a particular organization and make your resume likewise.

Famous latest resume format:

Chronological or traditional format:

It is the most used and common format to make a resume. The format supports the time-based resume. You write your relevant experiences synchronized with time. Example, recent achievements on the top and then follow the pattern. This method is the popular one and accepted widely. It gives a fine overview of the candidate’s professional achievement and the progress as well.


It speaks about the skill and ability to perform a specific job. The format is ideal for people who are looking for a career change. Though, for many recruiters, the functional resume is an amalgam of confused professional history.

Hybrid Resume:

It is the latest resume format that combines both the format into an effective way. It shows your professional history chronically as well as your skills in a functional way. The format gives the person a choice to play with the words and prepare a tailor-made resume.

What should be the contents in a latest resume format?

If you choose the latest resume format, the content starts with the chronicle way and ends on functional notes. Here is an overview of the contents.

  • Start with your name, your physical and internet address, your contact number and if possible a passport size most recent photograph of yours.
  • You can prepare a box to describe your goal and objective as well as your achievements in the professional front. Do not write your life summary. Just write relevant 4 to 5 lines   with use of powerful and impressive verbs and adjectives to describe your personality.
  • After that, you can write your work experience in a functional format. Describe your specific skill and your particular role in the earlier organizations you worked with.
  • Then it comes to your educational qualifications. You can choose any format. Earlier, chronological format were very famous but now job seekers and recruiters both prefer the functional format.
  • You can add an effective cover letter where you may include your references.

Do not forget your self-declaration in the last stating that all information given in the resume is true as per the best of your knowledge. Include your recent signature and the relevant date. To follow the latest resume format is always beneficial and rank you ahead of your competitors.