Mobile App Development Tips

Published in Apps on 23rd October 2015

Have you got a concept for the following great mobile application? A social media platform, or simply a revolutionary im, or possibly something to eliminate our shopping worries, or possibly something through which you’ll order free food in the restaurant of your liking (boy that would do well). No matter which kind of mobile application you are wanting to build, if you’re planning someone to either tap more customers or boost the exposure of the web service, or simply creating something new just like a mobile game, mobile applications take presctiption a warm streak, one not seen by group of digital platform inside a very long time. That being stated, an issue for just about any application creation process (specifically for a less experienced individual/organization) would be to decide the right approach to do this. You may either take assistance of an Android application development agency to operate according to the very best practices right from the start, or you should check out these 3 fundamental mistakes that you need to avoid if you’re considering working on your own mobile application:

1.) One Platform at any given time – Google Play and Application store are highly competitive as you would expect, with more than millions of applications competing for share of the market on the platforms. Companies who search for growth and development of Android applications together with growth and development of iOS applications inside a parallel manner might be at wrong here. Don’t double your development costs and your concentrate on building one platform first. Test the waters first after which proceed with taking it one stage further. Your minimum viable product (MVP) may also be in the application store as quickly as possible for this method.

Additionally, starting on platforms at the same time can make altering anything within the application structure or design even more painful as you’ll have to get it done on multiple platforms, growing cost and time spent from the process. It’s always safer to finalize an application on iOS and also have a handful of iterations before porting it to Android (or the other way around). Remember, Instagram had over $ 30 million customers already on iOS before they can gone to live in their Android version.

2.) Intrusive Advertisements really are a Turn-Off – In-application advertisements are ideal for money making of the application, particularly if the application is free of charge for download. It can benefit you considerably counterbalance the development and maintenance costs. But imagine individuals video advertisements or even the image advertisements packed with graphics that occupy your entire screen, affecting the app’s usability. Individuals sure are an event breaker along with a supply of constant annoyance. Customers complain them in regards to a lot, which advertisements result in the overall experience with the consumer a very negative one. But you may still use advertisements while making certain they are not an underlying cause for annoyance. How can you advertise but still make certain your UX does not go to waste? Tests are the solution. Make certain the look of the advertisement continues to be personalized according to the layout and design from the application and doesn’t compromise on its consumer experience.

3.) Mobile Applications aren’t Watered – Lower Versions of the Website – Mobile applications are essentially dissimilar to a mobile website. There’s a positive change within the size, functionality, and scope, as well as the consumer anticipation. Many people believe that their application must do all the same stuff that their website does, otherwise it’s in some way less valuable. That isn’t correct though. Mobile applications aren’t the same as their web alternatives, which is the reason why them highly crucial. The additional benefits of mobility, more responsive controls, elevated ease of access towards the device’s hardware, and scope for massive custom remaking distinguish it.
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