NFL Social Media Policy Mocked by Teams

Published in Sport on 21st October 2016

The new NFL Social Media policy didn’t receive nearly as much of an uproar as people expected. The league has spent the better part of this year making waves by introducing changes that seem to only rub people the wrong way. Sure, the social media policy isn’t going to affect the NFL spread.

But it was still expected that enough people would take offense with the concept to raise an uproar. However, it looks like most fans of the league aren’t especially bothered by the issue, at least not enough to voice concern on the matter.

However, that doesn’t mean the policy has gone over well with every single person. Complaints of one sort or another have begun to trickle through. Anyone who thought that the NFL would backtrack on what everyone probably thought was a trivial matter was probably surprised when the NFL came out and clarified their hard-line stance on the new rule.

If you haven’t heard, the new policy prohibits teams from broadcasting highlights of games over social media while they are still ongoing. The common stance at the moment is that this policy is somewhat outdated, and it makes little sense why the NFL would adopt it in the first place.

You need to keep in mind the fact that teams are not completely in charge of getting their content out to fans. And even if they were, the NFL’s approach is unnecessarily combative, specifically, the way they intend to assign massive fines to teams that disobey.

More importantly, the previous system of disseminating highlights and game updates over social media ensured that news reached as many people as possible in the shortest amount of time.

This new social media policy is going to complicate dissemination, and that cannot be in the NFL’s best interests.

The Panthers have made a point to mock the policy, and they aren’t the only ones. The Eagles and the Browns joined them not long after that. It is worth noting that the protests emerging from all these teams took a similar aesthetic, so maybe they coordinated on their response to the NFL; though it is more likely that their independent strategies just so happened to coincidentally resemble.

More teams are coming out and making plans to release Gifs that will mock the NFL social media policy. The Gifs released so far are not only funny and charming but they aptly criticize the social media policy.

The NFL has a lot of faith in his fanbase remaining loyal despite the restrictions this new policy puts in place, limiting their ability to remain abreast of changes in ongoing games that they might be unable to attend.

It isn’t like the NFL is banning the dissemination of game highlights, though; rather, the league wants all highlights, especially those of ongoing games, to pass through each team’s official NFL website.

The league also intends to disseminate up to date highlights using the official NFL twitter account that teams are free to repost. There is a sense here that the NFL is trying to present a unified front, though, they might end up pitting the league office against individual teams.