Online Dating Advice

Published in Dating on 18th April 2016

There is no reason to be loveless, especially these days as there are literally thousands upon thousands of online dating services available online.

The chances of finding a suitable partner are almost limitless, but the bad news is that there are just as many poor dating sites out there as there are reliable ones.

When it comes down to it, it is your call and you should assess every dating website that you come across with, based on what you are looking for and what the site offers.

Selecting a dating service on the internet is only a small part of the entire process, no matter if you are single or if you are looking for divorced dating websites.

Once you’ve come across the dating website you like, be it one of the numerous free dating sites available or be it a subscription based matchmaker website, you should choose how you will present yourself to a potential future partner and word your online profile accordingly.

The first predicament is the most difficult for many daters online, and that is – to submit a photo, or not.  It is true to say that profiles with photographs get the most attention, and most people do upload them on dating sites – and people do like to see who they are writing to. So, if you do place a few photos on your profile make sure they are of you as you currently look and not some from 10-15 years ago!

Just follow the guidelines that are laid out on the site you choose to join, as the instructions are generally straight forward. Most dating sites state that creating a profile is free which is okay as far as that goes, but the catch is they make it impossible to contact members of the opposite sex, unless you upgrade your membership which usually means you have to purchase a minimum one month’s membership. The longer the membership you choose, the greater the financial savings. After all, it is a business. But once you have a paid membership, you will feel like a kid who has the key to a candy store!

Creating and writing your profile for the dating service online isn’t complicated, you just fill in the blanks as you go along – some are compulsory, others not so.

Now then – if you have joined a dating site to hopefully find your future knight in shining armor or your bride-to-be don’t advertise the fact that you are eager to run down the aisle as soon as possible! As an alternative, you should write a profile that is sensible, rational and realistic. This will make you look more interesting and as a result you’ll receive a request to chat or an email out of the blue from someone who obviously likes how you have portrayed yourself.

Although humorous remarks like self-depreciating quotes work if you keep them light, you should not in any way degrade yourself by expressing that you don’t believe in your abilities.

Be confident – not boastful. Be sympathetic – not pathetic. Be respectful – not stupid.

To enjoy your online dating experience, try to keep your venture fun, yet safe.

Always remember to use your common sense when looking for an online date, similar to what you would do in any offline dating circumstances.

When you decide to meet up with a potential partner from any online dating service, you should meet them in a public place and become acquainted with them, prior to spending time alone.