Overview of Web Hosting

Published in Web Design on 14th March 2016

Your Kind Of Dream Web Hosting

Building your dream web server is costly. You need to weigh its features against the cost of building your dream server. However, with the recent strides in the internet technology, we are now able to let others build the infrastructure for us and we only need to pay subscription fees according to the option we purchase.

But what are the options and features you needed in your dream web server?

Many premium web hosting companies offer a wide range of features that seem to be so daunting to understand. And it would take a lot of endeavors to learn and comprehend what their usage are and how it will be useful for their website. Different web host companies offer different features, so comparing one web host to another is quite tedious which adds up to the confusion to those would-be buyers of web services. Countless review sites that are supposed to compare and give unbiased results are also tainted because web hosting companies pays them to get ranked higher in their list. So, the only way to really find the web hosting that suits your need is to read through tons of information in the web hosting websites.

Because of this, you need to know the important features a web server needs in order for you to gain traction in the very competitive world of web businesses. Aspects like speed, capabilities, capacities and reliability are a must-have in any web hosting services.

2 Features you need to look for in a web host

SSD Web hosting- This is the latest stride for data storage technology. SSD retrieve data faster than ordinary hard drive but has a limited capacity, the maximum as of this writing is only 16 TB. The downside is that you may need to take the word of your web host if they placed you in a server with SSD or not. The only way to find this out is by installing third party application and web hosting companies might not allow you to install it on your side of the server.

Latest software support– let’s face the number of websites that run blogs. Joomla hosting and WordPress hosting are the most sought after CMS hosting service on the web. Another software, which is LiteSpeed, is the latest application that can replace Apache web server software. LiteSpeed hosting can increase the speed of your website for up to 50%

You cannot hope to get the best just by paying the most expensive Web hosting companies. Even if you purchase the most expensive, you are still not guaranteed you get what you pay for. A lot of reading is required, not just the info given to you by the website host, but also information from different forums about web hosting. These forum sites are also good sources to help you weed out scam web hosting services and scrupulous businesses that are scattered on the net. Kickassd.com is one of the best web hosting companies so far, you may want to review their site to be sure.

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