Pain in belly button during pregnancy

Published in Pregnancy on 9th November 2015

Pregnancy is among the news that brings a great amount of happiness to women. Most of the women feel out of this world when they receive this news. They are always very excited about the baby that is growing inside their body. There are various issues that a woman may face while going through the stage of pregnancy. Among these issues, the most common one is belly button pain. It is a problem that most of the women will feel while they are pregnant. There will be a pain in their belly and surrounding. There are some different reasons for this pain to occur.

The growing baby

The baby is growing inside your body along with the each passing day. This growth makes your body go through the process of expansion. As the body is expanding, the uterus puts the pressure on your belly button. The abdominal wall along with your navel is pretty much thin, and the pressure of fetus will cause pain in this region. Because of this, your abdominal muscles will also stretch and split. The noticeable thing is that this pain will last only for the first few months of your pregnancy. After that there will be enough room for your baby to grow and move in your body.


The uterine pressure

Another reason that will make this belly button pain occur is the uterine pressure. Here the noticeable fact is that your uterus grows outwards during your pregnancy and may also press against your navel making you experience pain. This issue is pretty much common in the later period of the pregnancy.

The Umbilical Hernia

An umbilical hernia is among the major causes of a woman feeling pain in her belly button. It is an issue that occurs because of a small opening that is present in your stomach. When you get pregnant, the umbilical cord passes through a small opening in the stomach muscles. These muscles often join back, and there is no opening left after the process is complete. However, when there is an opening left, this is taken as a weak point, and the intestine mostly bulges through it. This issue does not cause a lot of discomforts. Mostly, there is no gap left when the child reaches to 4 years age. If it is not the case, then you need to contact your doctor and solve the issue.

Belly Button Pain

Belly Button Pain


There may be different reasons for the belly button pain while you are pregnant. It may be severe, or there may only be a slight amount of irritation. You may think that it will reduce along with the time. However, we recommend you to contact your doctor immediately when you are feeling any problem in concern with your pregnancy and baby. Remember that the health of your baby highly depends on your health. If there are some health issues with you, it is likely that the baby will not experience the proper development while he is inside your body.