PBS Reports On Student Loans

Published in Finance on 16th June 2017

Like a conservative or right-leaning gentleman, I’m able to sniff out leftist propaganda very easily, and actually, that isn’t so difficult, thinking about it’s virtually everywhere in today’s world and it has infiltrated our corporations, government as well as our very own families. Yes, everybody has their point-of-view (POV) on politics and that’s perfectly acceptable – aside from one factor, around the left it truly is not someone’s actual POV, rather it is among a brainwashed mindset from repetition, false argument and propaganda. Let us take this growing and out-of-control university student loan crisis we’re in today.

Are you aware that nearly 50% of student education loans have been in default or otherwise just one payment has have you been made, having a huge slice of the outstanding $1.35 Trillion — yes, that’s correct having a “T” — has not proven a repayment in over 7-years? We’re told, or were advised through the Federal Government that employment reaches an exciting-time-high, now just over 4%, well why nobody is having to pay on their own student education loans, not really small payments to remain a minimum of hanging around?

Now then, there’s a YouTube video: “PBS Checks A Student Loan Problem,” around the Credit Care Funnel, which continues about how exactly Sally Mae collection staff is misadvising debtors to pay for their loans before their rent, medical care insurance or house payments, and just how borrowers did not understand it had become an awful idea to achieve that. The 25 minute video helps make the education loan borrowers seem like victims? What? They aren’t the sufferers, we the taxpayers are oftentimes, once we are guaranteeing individuals loans, no not every, however a part of them.

One estimate could be that the taxpayers are responsible for around $108 Billion from the already in arrears student education loans, ouch. Exactly what do I consider this? Well, I believe PBS, yes, also partially funded through the citizen is making things worse, as well as their documentaries about this subject really are a very leftist view point, following the kind of Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders who essentially told voters when they voted them into office there’d be pardoned student education loans and free-college for everybody.

But, how come PBS make these borrows out as victims, they aren’t, they owe the cash, the citizen shouldn’t bailout this abuse in our system by students, leftists in politics and students. Academia would be to blame too, individuals know-it-alls claiming they are concerned concerning the kids, BS they are concerned regarding their pensions, tenure and leftist politics.

If these colleges would educate “Financial Literacy” as well as other needs to obtain a degree, maybe their students would not be such deadbeat consumers. Rather academia teaches leftist socialism, brainwashing students. Maybe, it’s okay when the college loan crisis debt explosive device bubble pops, NO citizen bailouts… There’s an academic college system out-of-control partially funded by taxpayers, because the tenured professors act high-and-mighty, but hideout in academia, never getting needed to make payroll or offer the disposable-market.

Without having an issue with individuals who’ve permitted this education loan debt explosive device to result in a crisis of epic proportions as the bubble continues to be building – then you’re NOT having to pay attention. Think about this.

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