Take a Past Life Quiz

Published in Games on 23rd May 2016

Have I resided before? Was I famous inside a past existence? Have i got soulmates… or spiritual associations that transcend this current incarnation?

What’s karma? Will it still accrue or accumulate from lifetime to lifetime, or perhaps is the thought of past lives just modern nonsense and spiritual silliness rather?

The simple truth is, there’s Boat loads of compelling evidence for past lives, well outdoors only the “spiritual” domain. Many serious studies of past lives, reincarnation and the concept that our essential energy proceeds following the dying from the body ‘re going on at this time, as well as in esteemed locations that many people were not sure.

For instance, among the greatest ranked Colleges in america (the College of Virginia) has already established a lengthy standing department which has rigorously analyzed and printed on past existence recollections, and lots of famous researchers and skeptics (such as the late, great Carl Sagan as well as presently well-known atheist author, speaker and blogger Mike Harris) happen to be very impressed using the large number of evidence which has emerge from these adventures all over the world.

What concerning the relaxation people that aren’t as thinking about scientific proof… but rather, simply know within our bones that we’re Greater than our physiques… and feel curious and compelled to understand more about who i was before?

Listed here are 10 quite simple, do-it-yourself questions you are able to think about which help illuminate and encourage your past existence recollections to arise within this existence, at this time.

1 – Have you got vivid hopes for people, places and perspectives you haven’t familiar with this existence? Could they be hyper real… and feel vital, while you can’t place these questions framework of the current existence?

2 – Do you have brief but effective feelings or flashbacks of some other place and time… or perhaps to be someone else altogether?

3 – Maybe you have found yourself consumed and compelled with a movie or novel or imaginary drama that required devote another era… yet, you felt totally comfortable and known as to some period that precedes the main one we are residing in now? (the further back… the More powerful the knowledge could be)

4 – Have you got hobbies, passions or interests that feel deeply ingrained inside your feeling of self or spirit… yet, there’s no rational reason that you should took up so strongly? (these frequently are long term habits or hobbies that people get in early childhood, with no parental or family input that will appear to create sense)

5 – Would you play a musical instrument or speak a language or stand out within an area that you have never really needed to practice or perfect? You simply “know” how to get it done, while you don’t have any real training?

6 – Exist individuals your existence who you’ve instantly felt karmically linked to with techniques that transcend the apparent or perhaps defy logic? (frequently that INSTANT feeling of “deja vu” or energetic link with someone else that’s so strong it sticks along with you, sometimes for life, Even if that individual isn’t a part of your group of friends or current family)

7 – Have you got dreams that recur night after night, or every year, which are effective, profound and appear to become calling you to definitely a greater purpose or “reason behind being”… YET, frequently feature occasions, places, people or even a self you don’t rationally recognize?

8- Have you been to some completely new place, yet… understood the landscape and geography like the rear of your hands?

9 – Maybe you have already been through it to do something creative like writing, or playing music, drawing or painting when out of the blue you appear to “funnel” a power or perhaps an ability which comes from somewhere outdoors of yourself? (frequently known as “automatic writing” or channeling)

10 – Maybe you have talked to a psychic, emotional empath or spiritual intuitive who claims reasons for your present existence… as well as your PAST lives that does not only feel true, however that resonate in a manner that provides you with an incredible “A-ha” moment where everything appears to FINALLY “fit” and all of a sudden seem sensible?

The simple truth is, there are lots of incredible, insightful and galvanizing methods to remember your past lives, as well as your AUTHENTIC spiritual self. In my opinion? All of our lives have to do with growing, flowing and dancing in direction of our future… and getting out of bed for your authentic spiritual self is the initial part of that process which will make it happen..and in a rush!

So when you’re ready to return “home”, you will be welcomed with open arms by more protector angels and spirit guides than you are able to count!
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