Types of T-Shirt Printing

Published in Clothing on 15th June 2018

Screen-printing is among the most typical kinds of t-shirt printing. Those that begin using these methods are individuals and small companies to be able to produce shirts in custom or small batches. Doing screen-printing in your own home costs hardly any and you don’t need lots of special equipment. Another two methods are sublimation as well as heat transfer. The greater difficult of these two is sublimation. This process must only be utilized on man-made materials like acrylic. From the three kinds of t-shirt printing processes heat transfer may be the easiest. Although heat transfer is faster than screen printing the ultimate product might not last as lengthy.


This type of t-shirt printing is performed with mesh screens and inks which are specifically given a compound that will permit a picture to become burned in to the shirt. The screen is coated having a substrate which will harden when uncovered to light. The look is printed on the transparency that may be placed on screen and then it’s uncovered to light. This will cause the uncovered substrate to harden and what’s hidden through the transparency will remain soft. You are able to wash the soft substrate away and convey a picture on screen. You now put the screen on the top from the t-shirt. Ink will be pressed with the opening within the substrate that’s hard using a squeegee. An investment is minimal in equipment. You are able to reuse the screens by washing them after which re-coating all of them with more substrate to lose another image.

Heat transfer

To prevent any problems of conflicting colors this kind of t-shirt printing is performed on white-colored t-shirts. Place transfers on any color t-shirt if you would like but white-colored t-shirts are the most useful. It’s a quick approach to printing while you make use of a pre-made transfer design. You simply heat the transfer and put it on the shirt. This can be done in your own home using am ironing board and iron however if you simply are earning a sizable batch of shirts there’s special equipment you can buy. Even though this is a simple quick option, it’s not lengthy lasting. The transfers with time have a tendency to crack, which frequently result in degradation from the image or fading.


Of all of the t-shirt printing options, this is actually the most lasting and quickest methods. Regrettably, it may be pricey and it is a restricted process. This printing is generally on done on acrylic and artificial material like nylon. A lot of it utilized in printing is heated in a way it turns to gas. This will make it used in the material. If you use this method it may need heating unit, substrates, and special inks that the increase the price of the outfit.

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