Unique Travel Sights in Myanmar

Published in Travel on 28th April 2016

The country of Myanmar lures visitors for its distinctive beauty that comes from unlike landscapes that may astonish the most sophisticated travelers. From the rugged mountain range in the north to the untouched ocean in the south, Myanmar boasts both cultural and natural riches that promise life time holiday
Zin, an experience tour guide from Authentic Asia Tours reveals some of the most amazing sites you should visit for first time in Myanmar :

Shwedagon pagoda
For Burmese people, Shwedagon is a holy pagoda, exposing the wealth of Yangon history as well Buddhist religion. It is incomplete if you travel to Yangon without visiting this pagoda.
There are chances to witness local people flock into the pagoda for pilgrimage as well praying practice. Photographers love this site for its shimmering flash, lofty spires architect and cultural interaction.

See the signature of British Era
Pyn Oo Lwin, Yangon and Kalaw are the most prominent towns that reflects the Victorian architect with faded charming buildings, beautiful garden and wooden styled villas.
Many of them are surrounded by verdant plantation and depicts vividly the old lifestyle that Burma once had. When you plan to visit Myanmar, it is advisable to admire one of these towns.


Capture the Inle Markets
The lake of Inle is home to many interesting characters where you will be overwhelmed by floating gardens, stilt villages and traditional workshops. Inle also has many vibrant markets that differ from all others in Myanmar.
One of them should be the Indein. This market rotates every five days around the lake from one village to another.
The floating market of Nyang Shwe on the other hand is a great chance to see local people doing the trade for the farm produce and lake catches.
All the markets provides good opportunities to meet different ethnic minorities including Pa O, Pa daung…

Bagan Temples and Temples
Located by the bank of Ayeyawaddy River, Bagan is an iconic sight studded with more than 2300 pagodas, showcasing the glory of Buddhism time in 11th century when it was chosen to be the capital under the reign of King Anawrahta.
Undoubtedly, Bagan offers so much to enjoy : biking through rustic villages, learning about the tradition work of making lacquer ware, taking a river cruise and behold the magnificent panoramic stuffed by temples and forest.
Make the best memory of Bagan with a balloon ride when you float over the temple spires, beholding the plain unmasked.

Enjoy the sea like no other in Mergui
The name of Mergui is less known on tourist rada yet this hidden paradise is out of the reach of backpacker, featuring the most breathtaking seascapes in Southeast Asia. There are plenty diving sites, rich coral reef, incredible secluded islands for your privacy.
Spend at least 3 days to immerse in the emerald water, kayaking from one island to another