Using Positive Psychology

Published in health on 29th November 2017

People battling with co-occurring mental health issues and drug abuse, also referred to as dual diagnosis, need to encounter numerous challenges within their everyday existence. It is because the individual has to cope with two mental illnesses that strongly influence one another. Based on the 2014 National Survey on Drug Abuse and Health (NSDUH), by Drug Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), roughly 7.9 million adults within the U . s . States had co-occurring mental and substance use disorders annually before the survey.

The initial step toward recovery from the kind mental disorder would be to recognize the reasons after which, take appropriate measures to alleviate the signs and symptoms. Although treating a co-occurring disorder might be tough, professional treatment can greatly assist in handling the signs and symptoms and improving the caliber of existence from the patient. The most typical treatments include medications or psychiatric therapy, etc., which frequently have poorer treatment outcomes, however, a brand new treatment plan referred to as “positive psychology” has been discovered to become effective for both substance abuse and mental disorders.

Positive psychology makes people more resilient

Psychology, like a tactic to treat mental health problems, concentrates on recognizing what’s wrong having a patient after which attempts to do the repair. However, positive psychology is different because it emphasizes more about the strengths of the individual’s existence. Recognizing the positive encounters and traits within an individual, positive psychology helps her or him achieve personal growth and happiness. The methodology utilizes a scientific method of determine steps to make things in the actual patient’s existence.

However, positive psychology shouldn’t be wrongly identified as feel-good narratives, including affirmations, that are usually a fundamental element of training on positive thinking. Positive psychology is, precisely, a scientific method of attaining overall wellbeing and dealing with a dual condition of mental illness and dependence on an ingredient.

It mainly concentrates on three core areas to effectively treat a mental illness, addiction, or both. Including positive feelings for example happiness in our and hope for future years positive traits for example courage, integrity and empathy and positive institutions which help in the introduction of people and communities.

Interestingly, by positive psychology, the patients can’t only reduce their anxiety, stress and depression, but additionally achieve greater satisfaction within their existence.

A few of the other benefits connected with positive psychology are:

Developing personal strengths: It’s an effective approach to help an individual deal positively with assorted challenges and setbacks in existence.

Remaining positive: It can make people understand the need for remaining positive helping them derive numerous benefits through positive thinking.

Developing positive traits: Helping someone to develop positive traits for example creativeness is a superb method to encourage positivity.

Promoting generosity: By seeking positive psychology, someone can certainly understand the significance of generosity, which, consequently, might help in growing a person’s life time.

Seeking result-oriented treatments for dual diagnosis

Overcoming dual diagnosis isn’t an easy task but individuals can get over it should they have the determination to do this. The integrated treatment protocol comprising detoxing, medication therapy involving inpatient or outpatient therapy, cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), intervention with organizations, family counseling might help in easy rehabilitation, stopping relapse and reducing withdrawal signs and symptoms.

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