Vanguard Cardfight Rules

Published in Games on 6th November 2015

Creating a Primary Deck

A primary deck must contain exactly 50 cards (As well as your first vanguard).

A primary deck might not contain greater than 4 associated with a card getting exactly the same title (even it is just a alternate image card).

A primary deck must contain exactly 16 Trigger Models.

A primary deck may contain as much as 4 Heal Triggers.

A primary deck may contain as much as 4 cards with Sentinel.


Decking fulfilling “Clan Fight” regulation must contain cards that fit in with exactly the same clan of your liking.

Should cards convey more than 1 clan (e.g. Blaster Edge Spirit), you can use it within individuals clans pointed out.

You will find two special exceptions too, as some clan featured cards with capabilities mentioning with other clan’s cards: A Royal Paladin deck can include as much as 4 copies of Blaster Dark, along with a Link Joker deck could have a variety of cards using their company clans, as lengthy as individuals cards’ names have a “?”.

“Clan Fight” rules are presently not contained in the British form of the overall game.

Expensive Deck

A “Expensive Deck” are only able to have 25 cards total also it can be performed inside a “Expensive Fight” with “Expensive Fight Rules”. The Expensive Fight rules are like the standard rules below with two changes:

Won by you by dealing 4 harm to the opponent’s vanguard, not 6.

Stand and Heal Triggers should be overlooked. Treat cards using these triggers as though they’d no trigger icon in it – so ignore both Stand/Heal effect and also theĀ  5000 Energy.


Your Primary Deck ought to be put on one for reds of the overall game area. Whenever you draw a card, you are taking the very best card out of your deck to your hands. For those who have no cards left inside your deck at any time in the overall game, you lose immediately.

The Drop Zone ought to be another pile of cards. Whenever you retire a card, you progress it towards the Drop Zone. Whenever you Heal Damage, you progress cards in the Damage Zone towards the Drop Zone.

The Harm Zone is a collection of thrown away cards that must definitely be stored outside of the Drop Zone. Cards within the Damage Zone represent harm to your vanguard. If you will find ever six or even more cards inside your Damage Zone, you lose the overall game.

The G Zone is really a stack for range from the G Models face lower at the outset of the overall game, and it will only contain as much as 8 G Models. Make use of the cards within this zone for either perform Stride or G Assist.

The primary play area includes two rows of three spaces. The row nearer the opponent may be the front row and yet another row may be the back row.

The Vanguard Circle may be the middle space from the front eow. It might hold multiple cards inside a stack. The very best card within the Vanguard Circle is recognized as both one and vanguard. Any cards stacked below it are cards inside you. Your vanguard isn’t a part of your soul. When the vanguard is within Legion, them within the soul are stacked underneath the Legion Leader.

The Trunk-guard Circles would be the other five spaces within the primary area. These may usually only hold just one card each. A card on Rear-guard Circle is recognized as both one and rear-guard.

The Trigger Zone is really a temporary area where cards are put while their effects are now being resolved. Its location is trivial. If you’re creating a Drive Check, you progress cards out of your Deck towards the Trigger Zone and after that for your hands. If you’re creating a Damage Check, you progress cards out of your Deck towards the Trigger Zone and after that towards the Damage Zone.

The Protector Circle is really a temporary area where cards are put throughout combat. It’s normally situated while watching Front Row. Cards are performed here throughout fight after which upon the market towards the Drop Zone. You might only guard with grades which are comparable to or under your vanguard. A card on Protector Circle is recognized as both one and protector.

Beginning a game title

1. Each player selects a gradeĀ  card using their deck and places it face-lower around the vanguard circle. That card is going to be their first vanguard.

2. Decide at random who goes first. The gamer who goes first cannot attack on their own first turn.

3. Both gamers shuffle their deck and draw 5 cards.

4. If your player does not similar to their hands, he/she will shuffle a variety of cards using their hands back to their deck after which draw new cards until they’ve 5 cards within their hands again. The brand new hands should be stored.

5. When both gamers are prepared, simultaneously, turn their vanguards from face lower to manage up, and may shout out “Fully stand up, vanguard!”

Win/Lose Conditions

Deal 6 harm to opponent. If your player has 6 or even more cards within their damage zone, he/she lose.

If your player doesn’t have cards in deck at any time of the overall game, he/she lose.[1]

If your player doesn’t have vanguard nor soul, he/she lose. However, he/she’s soul, then must select a card after that and ride it.

A person can win the overall game by ale a card, for example Star-vader, “Omega” Glendios.

If both gamers achive victoryOrshed condition simultaneously, the overall game finishes like a draw.

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