Where to go in Morocco

Published in Travel on 30th October 2016

Morocco, full of imperial cities and a big desert, is one of the main reason why many tourists decide to visit this place. Tours in Morocco offer many activities of any type: adventure and quiet people are welcome. It’s a good option for any person.

When you organize the Morocco trips you want to stay one month, two months, even more, but unfortunately people cannot stay longer and it’s necessary to do a short trip and try to visit the most emblematic and funny places. For this reason, Tours of Morocco with duration of 12 days will be the ideal thing for any tourist.

One of the main cities that any person should visit is definitely Marrakech. For this reason, we include this city as the first stop. In the morning, visit to Marrakech, created by the almoravies in the XI century. Some of the stop included that you should do when you visit this city is: Koutobia minaret, symbol of the city and authentic jewel. Saadies tombs, Bahia palace, medina and the famous Jemaá el Fná square, where may people go like sellers, acrobats and story tellers.

After visiting this city, a Tour in Morocco should include a visit to the majestically city Casablanca. This is the real economic capital of the country, with a sightseeing view highlighting the Anfa neighbor, the nation’s park, Corniche Boulevard, The Hassah III mezquita (as an option, you can visitit on the inside). Inside the city, you can visit the Real Palace, the Mohamed V Mausoleum and the Hassan tower, among others.

Following the Tours in Morocco, it is recommended to visit the Asilah city, a city with a really clean medina with a wonderful view to the atlantic ocean, based in the Fenicia period. Then, a free afternoon in Asilah. After, you can visit Chaouen, the city in the sea. As important places, you can visit the Hercules cavern, CapSapartel balcony and a walk in Kabash.

When it’s almost finished the Tours of Morocco you can visit a big and fun city, Fez city. You begin the trip with a visit to the golden door of the Royal Palace. Then, you visit the old Medina with its madrash of Bou Anania, the fountain Nejjarine is one of the most beautiful of the Medina, Karaouine Mezquita houses one of the main cultural centers of Islam and Is the headquarters of Fez university and Moulay Idriss Mausoleum.

It’s important to contact a Moroccan travel agency and talk about any possible doubt before the trip.

We are sure that after you read this you will be excited to start this trip. Remember that the key of success is choosing a good Tours of Morocco and at the same time a good Morocco Travel Agency, because they will guide you to an excellent trip full of good memories that you will be happy to get.

As a reminder, we strongly believe that beginning this tour with Marrakech is an excellent option. This is a historical city and of the most famous cities in Morocco. It’s crowded and tourist tend to say that this is their favorite city in the Tours of Morocco. There are many places you can visit, Kouyobia minaret, Saadies tombs, and Bahia palace among others. You can take pictures and have fun. It’s exactly for you.

Another famous city –it’s also known because is the name of a city- is the famous place Casablanca. We are no sure which city is better because both cities have a lot to offer but if you decide to go to both cities, it would be the best option.