which are the brand new best application games for cell phones

Published in General on 5th May 2014

Mobile games have become popular among gamers and the latest and most popular of these games are created to take advantage of faster devices and the better tablets and give more pleasurable than ever before. Listed Here Is A look at these 5 games.


Shape is really a story book puzzle sort of game by which you have to rearrange a variety of comic book panels in order to move the story along. The storyline will be affected by just how you arrange the systems and of course if you do not make the very best choices it may result in your demise. There does not seem to a release date set yet for this game going to mobile phones.

Jungle Rumble

In Accordance With avid gamers Jungle rumble is really a mixture of Patapon and Donkey Kong jungle beat, only in the place of huge gorillas you have several cute little monkeys who should secure their area of jungle against an invading horse family. This game requires a little sound and great listening skills while you have to utilize the drum beat in the music to help your monkey family swing from tree to tree and throw coconuts in the other bunch of monkeys who want to takeover the marketplace. Time is everything if you would like to truly save your monkey family’s home from the invaders!

Flappy Bird

Ultimately exploded in popularity in February with this year and flappy bird premiered in 2013 and gradually gained popularity. Weekly or two later the overall game was drawn much to the dismay of this games many followers. The game was fairly simple to perform, you merely moved the tiny bird through pipes that resembled the pipes within the popular Nintendo Mario Brothers Game. Surprisingly, there was no explanation for why the overall game was taken or whether or not really a return of the pretty little bird will be back.

Third Eye Offense

The overall game is born out this spring.

Next eye crime personalities Rothko the Physic thief that has been jailed for taking flappy bird cheat artwork. The whole game is placed against a Jazzy blues sound-track and scenery and comicbook style backdrops. Each stage has another entrance he’s to escape through while preventing most of the guards trying to recapture him.

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