Why use MySpyApp to track a phone

Published in Safety on 22nd September 2015

Modern day technology provides society with many advantages, one of those advantages is the ability to track a phone. Most modern cell phones come with some kind of location software, which when used correctly can be a great resource. However, if used by the wrong person or for the wrong reasons it can lead to serious problems.

What you might not be aware of is the location software installed in our modern cell phones was first put there by law. The federal government required cell phone manufacturers to include location tracking software so that emergency responders could track a phone to a specific location. In a way this makes perfect sense because when you called 911 during an emergency from a landline the dispatcher already knew where you were, as 911 dispatchers software had the ability to automatically trace every call that came in. when cell phones were first put on the market 911 dispatchers had no way to trace the call to discover the location, and in some cases the person calling 911 was unable to articulate their location. Knowing where somebody is calling from without having to ask allows dispatchers to start sending responders as soon as the call comes in. With the location software on cell phones, dispatchers can determine location using a variety of resources.

Location software is also used for a variety of other purposes. Several apps rely on location tracking software, such as navigational software and phone finder apps. Several other apps also use location tracking software to share your location with others, such as Yelp and Facebook. Phone tracking software is also enabled on many cameras, so when you take a picture the software records the time and your current location during the photo. The information is then shared when you choose to share the photo.


While there are many benefits to using location based software, there can also be several problems. One of the biggest problems is when you disclose your location constantly you can turn yourself into a target. When you alert others to where you are, you are opening yourself up to stalkers and potential abusers. You are also alerting criminals to when you are not at home, making yourself an ideal victim for a robbery. The good news though is that most location tracking software can be turned off in modern cell phones, only 911 tracking software cannot be disabled.

Children, especially teens, are usually among the first to know and understand all the ins and outs of modern cell phones. They know how to disable the phones tracking software so you as a parent cannot track a phone they have. While turning off that software can help to keep them safe, it can be frustrating for a parent who wants or needs to know everything their child is doing. Using MySpyApp to track a phone is ideal because it is a location tracking service that your children cannot disable at the touch of a button.