FX-Sport launch VRX wireless smart sport headphones with built in customizable personal trainer.

Published in Sound on 24th October 2015

FX-Sport have been creating a unique database of professionally constructed training sessions which are compatible with their patented VRX wireless smart sport headphones. Named the “Workout Store”, users can upload any one of hundreds of free workouts directly to the VRX headphones independently of their own music.

In addition, a user has the choice to create workouts in their own words using a simple downloadable software, to convert their text to speech, and play at designated times over their own music. The sport headphones hold a premium 8GB mp3 player and can also be used for swimming with an accessory.

“Real Coach Training Apps” can also be uploaded to the headphones which are the actual voice and workout of real trainers, athletes and coaches. Dave Scott, 6 time world champion triathlete at the Ironman distance is one such coach, along with online trainers such as Scott Herman and Joanna Soh.

The device itself has a premium 8gb mp3 player integrated, has custom speakers and is sweatproof and rainproof. It allows easy navigation through multiple workouts, alongside the user’s music library.

Many different categories and training programs are available – weight training, circuit training, calisthenic workouts, running fartlek/HIIT sessions, multi week 5k, 10k, half marathon programs, swim sessions, bike interval sessions, “bums and tums” workouts, jump rope, triathlon brick sessions, aqua exercise and even walking sessions.

An accessory can be bought separately, which allows the unit to be made fully waterproof whilst swimming. Duncan Walsh of FX-Sport says “By having the device simply “rainproof” allows us to get air to the speaker and generate great bass. Fully waterproofing the device always significantly reduces the music quality. With our tested methodology, the unit can use the air in the swim accessory and with the swimming earplugs, delivers great audio above and below the water, securely”.

The VRX retails at $179 and the swimming accessory retails at $25, both from www.fx-sport.net