Your Business Needs a Mobile App

Published in Business on 19th June 2016

Digital media is growing and Google reported that 2015 marks the entire year that web searches done on mobile products have surpassed desktop searches in 10 nations!

Mobile is continuing to grow so quickly that it’s the leading digital platform for media consumption. 62% of total digital media activity comes from capsules and smartphones combined, 54% of this activity comes from apps alone, based on Comscore.

By April 21, 2015, Bing is now indexing mobile phone applications, which enables these to rank in internet search engine results. Browse the SearchEngineLand article about application internet search engine ranking. Exactly what does all of this mean for both you and your business? You’ll need a mobile application!

Do you know the advantages to getting an application for the business?

As mobile marketing keeps growing, increasingly more companies are hopping around the mobile application bandwagon for connecting with “on-the-go” consumers, drive increased traffic, generate repeat business, increase sales through better product promotion, and more importantly, be accessible for their clients, on their own mobile products, 24×7.

Getting an application for the business takes marketing efforts to another level. Apps are not only for huge the likes of Amazon . com, eBay and Wal-mart any longer. Medium and small companies are actually upping their marketing methods and growing their customer achieve with mobile phone applications.

Modern tools has provided us the whole world at our disposal! Cell phones have made pay phones and many land lines obsolete because we may take all of them with us wherever we go. That provides companies an enormous marketing advantage. Let us consider the benefits a mobile application offers your company as well as your clients:

1. Reinforces your brand

2. Increases your visibility and ease of access on mobile products

3. Develops associations and loyalty together with your clients

4. Creates repeat business with application tools like coupons and loyalty cards

5. Enhances social media methods

6. Connects you with “on-the-go” consumers

7. Increases sales with push notices

8. Your items/services are often available to your clients 24×7

9. One touch use of your contact details

10. Provide directions for your location anywhere your clients are

11. Fast appointment setting for the clients

12. An application is much more readily available and loads quicker than an internet site

13. Increase customer engagement and supply value

14. Clients have quick access for your social networking posts

15. Stick out out of your competition

Why a Mobile Application is preferable to an internet site

Main point here: An application loads and works considerably faster! It takes merely another to produce whereas an internet site may take considerably longer, particularly if the mobile user has bad reception. Mobile enhanced websites serve an essential business purpose, but they don’t replace the requirement for apps. Let us consider a side-by-side comparison:

• Mobile phone applications provide you with almost instant accessibility content you’ll need, websites don’t

• Mobile phone applications come in the application stores, websites don’t

• Mobile phone applications will keep your company in direct connection with your clients through push notices, websites don’t

• Mobile phone applications will always be visible around the desltop of the mobile phone, websites aren’t always visible

Would you begin to see the energy that mobile marketing apps have to give you? With features like push notices, you are able to instantly achieve your clients with significantly less effort and time than snail mailing sales advertisements, as well as, considerably less advertising costs. However the greatest benefit a mobile application needs to offer your company is roi.

The Apple Application Store has over 100 billion downloads annually, that’s almost 274 million downloads each day based on Statista! Statistics in the Wall Street Journal reveal that Q1 of 2015, Google Play Store had 70% more application downloads compared to Apple Store. This is the time to take advantage of the mobile application market! The greater customers that download your application, the greater people you are able to achieve to provide sales, product promotion, occasions, launches, take your pick! The application marketplace is booming and keeps growing. Are you currently convinced yet?

Keep in mind, mobile phone applications are rapidly becoming the conventional element of companies small and big. Selecting an application today can set the reason for way forward for your company which help use it the express lane to keep growing, construct your customer database, thus making you more income!
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